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LP $19.50


SMR 020 

***"In Japan’s vast and varied punk rock world, few legends loom larger than FIRESTARTER. Having emerged from the debris of the mighty TEENGENERATE, Firestarter was launched with spectacular motivations, free to operate away from the constraints of scum-fi production and GaragePunk™ scuzz, the omnipresent trends of the preceding decade. The band’s creative nucleus, warrior brothers FIFI and FINK, joined (again) by bassist SAMMY and drummer JIMBO (of those wild TITANS), moved far beyond break-neck abandon, crafting masterful punk and power-pop, epic in scope and sound, devout to the absolute truest spirit of Rock’N’Roll. To celebrate the bands 20th anniversary Secret Mission Records has FINALLY unleashed both of Firestarter’s classic albums for US consumption, each remastered by JEFF BURKE and MARK RYAN (of THE MARKED MEN) and completely repackaged. Just as Teengenerate’s recklessness and know-how would come to lead their peer group, Firestarter’s 2000 debut self-titled album would seismically alter the course for their scene’s compatriots as well. Their augmented brand of power-pop, synthesizing US and UK varietals provides the distinct drive that carries their sound."—Mitch Cardwell. Edition of 300 copies.

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