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Depressed For Success

Fort Not

Depressed For Success

LP $20.15

07/28/2023 0794020126689 

MER 046 

***Swedish duo Fort Not are back with their sophomore album Depressed For Success. With eternal love for indie-pop and bands like Half Japanese, Tiger Trap and Pavement, they always aim to find that imperfect pop song with beautiful melodies. Fort Not are getting ready for the Major Leagues. They are back with an album full of songs about love, sex and success. This time they have a couple of lo-fi ballads, perfectly served with the taste of your lovers lips. Love and respect one another and find someone that treats you as good as your new indie darlings Fort Not is treating you. If you don’t like it slow, no worries! There are also some pop songs for you to dance your ass off to. And to make everyone happy, a handful likeable mid-tempo tunes, best enjoyed with a cold drink.