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Solo Guitar
LP $19.50

07/28/2017 781484068518 


CD $13.75

07/28/2017 781484068525 

DC 685 CD 

***MARK FOSSON’s been playing music for nearly 50 years now. Solo Guitar is the 5th album released under his name in all that time, which gives an insight into the nature of his music; when it is time for Mark to commit to something underneath his fingers, regardless of whether that is after two years, ten or twenty, that’s what’s right. On Solo Guitar, Mark continues to use his chops and enthusiasm to wander musically, drawing up pieces of sparkling, nimble fingerstyle with an eclectic vision. As the title implies, this time Mark is focused on the austerity of the guitar, plain and simple, to bring out the music. Whether on six- or twelve-string, his sure touch is transported by crystal-clear recordings that belie their down-home origins, as they catch the contours of every string as it is pressed, bent and struck—a full-bodied sound projecting soulful dips down into bass strings and shimmering upper register runs with equal power. The air around these performances is colored with curving waves of steel-stringed beauty, and the pungency of free-wheeling wit and recollection. This is one of Mark’s favorites of all that he’s written, and it is clear why: the golden, eternal promise of the guitar is ebulliently, transcendently delivered. Mark Fosson’s Solo Guitar is a masterful work, the kind it takes a lifetime to assemble! (STREET DATE - 7/28/2017)

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