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Sic Alps / Freakapuss

Freakapuss / Sic Alps

Sic Alps / Freakapuss

Drag City
7" $6.00


DC 543 

***2012, the year that was and still is, even! That was/is when we wrapt up the ’slaught of SIC ALPS 7" records that had only begun to pour forth in the fall of ’011, before we finally guve in and gave the greatest gift a Sic Alps punter would want—a record whose sides don’t end after one song! But having lain Sic Alps upon you, the band and we are back to short-play madcaps here—they’re just more fun, aren’t they? For this time around, Sic Alps are positively in the company of like-minded men and incredibile men to boot! Yas, yas: our under-pop prodigies are hanging out next door to, on the lit’ral other side of the record from their prodigal hero ZARJAZ, the TRONICS’ leader so recently covered on Sic Alps’ “Pangea Globe” 7"EP. That’s right, the still-innovatin’ uber-legend of the British post-punk scene has stepped from the woodwork of the internet, where his recent Zarjaz and FREAKAPUSS outputs lurk, and into the grooves of a vinyl record for the first time in flipping dog’s ears! So, “Here Today, Here Tomorrow” is the vinyl debut of Freakapuss, a new classic in the somehow-unchanged-yettotally-new vein, using a bit of guitar, congas and percussion (courtesy of STEVE DORE), and acid-tongued vocals to do the trick. A raw and incessant performance—delightful! Sic Alps handle the flip with a true singles side: a last-minute-deletion from their recent long-player (too strong—it was meant to live alone) called “New Trawgs III.” It’s in the powerful image of 2012 Sic Alps—sleek, self-assured, anthemish, and yet nicely twisted all the same. If we’re (you’re) lucky, they’ll tour together on it. Stranger things have happened—and if we’re lucky, they’ll continue to. (STREET DATE - 11/06/2012)

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