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Cupid's Cactus
CD $9.50

02/20/2001 787996004426 

slr 044CD 

MP3 $0.00



After releasing two CDs on their own, two more through Matador, and a cottage industry's worth of singles and comp appearances, Fuck, the band, has come to SLR to release their latest full-length album, Cupid's Cactus. With stylistic nods to out-rock architects like Can and Meat Puppets, and a pop sense that owes as much to the Platters as the Pixies, the album hazily unfolds its majestic mojo in a 35-minute, 15-song serenade of soulful indie rock. The production boasts a bone-dry intimacy, and the performances - twin-guitar click-and-drone, whispered vox, and unique hat-bass dances - make the band's best case yet for the supremacy of subtlety, space, and inspired song-sense within the rock idiom. 
From Oakland, Calfornia, Ted Ellison plays electric bass guitar, Tim Prudhomme rhythm guitar and harmonica, Geoff Soule electric lead guitar, Kyle Statham drums, and all four of the boys sing. Fuck, the band, also works piano, hammond organ, tambourine, mouth organ, Arabian bongos and claves into their act.

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