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Breaker Breaker


Breaker Breaker

In The Red
7" $4.00


ITR 104 

***THE FUSE!...must be seen to be believed. Described by one local writer as "Crass meets The Who" these three razor sharp hispanic kids from Downey (known mysteriously as F-1, F-2, and F-3) instantly surpass all revolutionary rhetoric by literally attacking their instruments as well as physically assaulting the audience. Fuck spending all day perfecting your chops - this guitar is going RIGHT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING SKULL!!! as you dance uncontrollably to this insane racket of total discontent. But there is actual SONGS there too - and anyone that has peeked into F-2's journal while he's frantically scribbling over sips of that pink tropical shit he's always drinking at Three of Clubs knows that he's nothing short of a mad (re: pissed) genius. The Fuse! are way too impatient to be part of the nameless trendy masses currently aping the Gang Of Four/P.I.L. sound and are way too violent to be any kind of boring punk-blues scholars, so breathe a sigh of relief!!! They are the sound of the new frustration. Two years into their chaotic career and they've already had a local documentary made about them - BEFORE any actual recording have been released!!! Full-length on In The Red in November 2003

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