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LP $34.95


OTIC 001 

***REISSUED ON VINYL!!! Talisman was originally released 1995 on Alastair Galbraith's own label Next Best Way. It was the debut CD on his imprint and has never been issued on vinyl. Having been charmed by this album since its release, Otic is proud to release this seminal work on vinyl for the first time. Featuring guest appearances by Nigel Bunn, Shayne Carter, and David Mitchell. (STREET DATE - 2/09/2024) "Talisman is probably Galbraith's first masterpiece, which builds upon the strengths of Plagal Grind, his previous release Morse and work with “A Handful of Dust.” It's darker, more experimental, but still blessed with the brittle beauty of Galbraith's most confessional sketches: the black bile of 'Policeman on Ether' is washed away forthwith by the soothing chords of 'Coast Road'."—audioculture

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