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Con La Muerta a Tu Lado

Generacion Suicida

Con La Muerta a Tu Lado

Puke N Vomit
LP $24.45


PNV 195 

MC $6.30


GU 26 CS 

***Reissue of their 2013 Debut album. PNV is making this must have album of amazing impassioned, tuneful Spanish-language punk KBD style punk available once again. The album has been ‘Out-of-Print’ since 2018. The band just released their 5th LP in 2022. One of the most consistently hard-working bands on the punk scene today, they play live all the time and tour constantly. 2011 demo tracks added as a bonus. For those that don’t know who they are, the band started out in 2010 in South-Central L.A. and have released 5 studio albums, along with countless EPs and Live Tapes. "A big part of punk rock's appeal is geographic. Commercial music sounds like AnyMall, but The Gun Club sound like Hollywood, Black Flag sounds like Huntington Beach, and Francis Harold and the Holograms sound like Bisbee, Arizona. East LA seeps from every note of GENERACION SUICIDA’s new album; this music couldn't be from anywhere else. The Plugz and the Gears may have got there first, but play Con La Muerte a Tu Lado loud and you can see Cesar Chavez Blvd, 2013. This is the kind of punk rock that values a certain kind traditional musicality, like the Sex Pistols, The Adverts, The New York Dolls, and the Damned. Not virtuosity here, just the belief that rock and roll still has power, and that a really angry lyric and a Chuck Berry chord change can change the world, or at least your next 3 minutes. Generacion Suicida are proof that the main thing you need to make a great record is FIRE, and they have enough to share."—Geoffrey Weiss

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