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Joyless Masturbation

Gg King

Joyless Masturbation

Total Punk
7" $6.00


TP o6 

***Total Punk is back with two mroe tracks of PUNK TOTALITY!!! This time we bring you a two track single from ex-CARBONAS frontman GREG KING and his super group of Atlanta cohorts. GG KING has quickly silenced the legions of heart broken Carbonas fans with a solid run of 7" singles followed by the best punk LP of 2011. This is his first offering since and HOT DAMN! this shit RULZ! "Joyless Masturbation" is four and a half minutes of dark pummeling Rikk Agnew style punk with layers of loud squelching guitars and a repetitive hook that pounds its way into your head. On the flip side we have "Bag", a two minute blast of biting punk harkening back to the days of the Carbonas. TOTALLY PUNK AND TOTALLY ESSENTIAL!!!