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To Starve The Cross


To Starve The Cross

Dark Descent
CD $9.50

08/23/2019 616822129920 

DDR 159 CD 

Southern California’s Ghoulgotha have re-emerged from the depths with the release of To Starve The Cross. The band’s 2015 debut—The Deathmass Cloak—was praised by critics for its demented revisioning of doom-infused, old-school death metal. To Starve The Cross sees Ghoulgotha twist an already abstract reality into forms never before experienced. 
To Starve The Cross is the ten-headed beast ready to devour those who didn’t heed that warning. This album, simply put, is a masterpiece of atonal and dissonant death metal delivered straight from the warped mind of Wayne Sarantopoulos (Decrepitaph, Encoffination, et. al). 
To Starve The Cross was mixed and mastered by Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studios with artwork by Mattias Fris.

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