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LP $13.00

11/13/2012 655035026718 

NNF 267 LP 

MP3 $4.95

10/30/2012 655035026718 


Madison’s insular lineage of sonic reducers replenishes at an impressive clip, so it’s both no surprise as well as a real treat to offer up the debut LP by one of the city’s freshest next-wave arc welders, Golden Donna. The solo soundworld of instrumental synthesist Joel Shanahan, GD incorporates a drained rainbow of niche hues into its multiverse: tranced sequencer constructs (“Shifter”), solar flare R&B (“Paulding Light”), glittering deep-space isolationist drift (“Infinite Earths,” “Flashing Hands Of Carousel”). The interplay of smooth rhythm and ambient body awareness tone-float gives the record a woozy in-and-out-of-focus quality, like coasting through clouds on codeine on a private jet. Grab a window seat. Recorded at Babe Lair in Madison, WI, Autumn 2011. Black vinyl LPs in smeared city skyline hieroglyph jackets designed by Brave Mysteries CEO Nate Ritter.


  1. #1 Arctic Mind Control


  2. #2 Shifter


  3. #3 Infinite Earths


  4. #4 Paulding Light


  5. #5 Flashing Hands Of Carousel


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