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Bad Seed
7" $6.00


HZR 174 

MP3 $3.96

10/16/2015 642610485039 


FLAC $4.99

10/16/2015 642610485039 


***What’s this, yet another ravaging Chicago punk band bursting out onto a 7” EP for the first time? Gross Pointe are another perfect example of how good this town has it going on right now, and as a fixture on the local underground circuit that’s always tearing down a party, and always leaving everyone begging for more, we jumped at the chance to deliver their debut vinyl EP. Although these three guys spend a lot of time in other bands, Gross Pointe is really where they shine, and it’s never been more evident than on these tracks, cut with scorching production, raging guitars and crushing & melodic vocals that will strip you bare upon contact. Finally we see a gang of dudes who can bang out Heartbreakers-style hits without any of the over-fashioned haircuts or embroidered cowboy shirts, and just let those riffs bleed out naturally, it’s seriously refreshing. 
With so many bands emulating re-hashed attempts at psych/garage and failing so miserably, we’re so glad to have a real band like Gross Pointe to smash it all apart and reinvigorate your will to live another day. Just powerful songs delivered at a break-neck pace, almost like a modern day Devil Dogs or Mullens, you can really warm up to the tightness. On the title track “Bad Seed” it’s not hard to imagine, and it’ll get your heart racing in seconds flat, because all that thick, throbbing guitar scorch like this doesn’t just fall in your lap every day. Four quick jabs of Chicago-style rock’n roll on a revved-up rampage and ready to wreck any party in their path, so don’t die wondering and stuff this EP in your ear-holes as soon as possible, exclusive artwork from Drug Factory Press’ Ryan Duggan as well, you can’t lose! 


  1. #1 Bad Seed


  2. #2 Hitch a Ride


  3. #3 Time To Waste


  4. #4 Options


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