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Coxcomb / Avocado Orange

Grubbs, David

Coxcomb / Avocado Orange

Blue Chopsticks
CD $11.25

12/19/2000 781484700524 

BC 5 CD 

***A companion piece to The Thicket album, and a musical adaptation of STEPHEN CRANE's short story The Blue Hotel from the adventurous and multi-talented mind of guitar plucker DAVID GRUBBS. A seventeen-minute morit├Ąt (the label's word, not ours) scored for three voices: The Narrator (STPEHEN PRINA), The Swede (GRUBBS), and The Cowboy (SASHA ANDRES). Features music performed by Grubbs, cellist DIDIER PETIT, trombonists YVES ROBERT & THIERRY MADIOT, and saxman QUENTIN ROLLET. Included on this disc is a reworking of Grubbs' solo piece "Onion Orange" featuring Rollet, NOEL AKCHOTE, JOHN McENTIRE, and DAN BROWN.