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Pale Horse Rider

Hanson, Cory

Pale Horse Rider

Drag City
LP $25.95

06/18/2021 781484075219 

DC 752 

CD $13.75

06/18/2021 781484075226 

DC 752 CD 

***Lingering at the remains of a campfire before dawn, with the politics of the personal burnt into ash, running his stick through what’s left, Wand singer/guitarist Cory Hanson is reflecting on a series of moments in which he steps farther into himself, finding the ultimate big sky country on the inside of his skull. It’s a combination of songs and sounds that journey through bleak and broken territory and places of sweet, lush remove, and it adds up to the best record he’s been involved in yet: his second solo album, Pale Horse Rider.

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