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No Plans
7" $5.40

12/14/2010 655035187778 

HZR 077 

MP3 $1.98

12/14/2010 655035187778 


***Chicago's newest unpredictable pop blasting caps, HEAVY TIMES, seemed to come out of nowhere this year, and with less than a handful of shows (and a few handmade releases) under their belt within months, they were already turning heads. Primarily the vehicle of BO HANSEN, the band has been recording since 2005 in and out of bedrooms, alone or with others, right up to their current, air-tight three-piece lineup which takes the form of a pop-guided wrecking ball that just can do no wrong. The way they straddle the drastic line of duality between their ferocious live incarnation and their heavenly harmonious studio recordings is still keeping us scratching our heads, as well. In the wake of their recent self-released debut album Dead, earlier this year, it was even more apparent how strong the songwriting was becoming, and once you hear how their mind-blowing screaming dual guitar interplay cuts through it all, it's really no surprise that we're excited about what these guys have up their sleeves. They may be running in the dark alleys and gutters now, but with chops this big and hooks this blinding, we won't be able to keep them a Chicago secret for much longer. First press of 500 black editions.


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