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LP $26.95

02/24/2017 855579005785 

GJ 0031 

CD $14.50

02/24/2017 855579005723 

GJ 0031 CD 

***“There’s a moment in growing up when it becomes clear that the road you walk is your own to cultivate.” A surprisingly profound sentiment for a band of 21-year olds. Nevertheless, it’s a sentiment that animates much of landmark, the debut album from Minneapolis’ HIPPO CAMPUS. From the resplendent “Way It Goes,” a guitar led gallop about the Instagram-filtered church of cool, to the propulsive “Boyish,” a horn-kissed rumination on children of divorce, Landmark is shot through with a woozy dissonance between precocious wisdom and old-as-time coming of age stories. The result is a messy, brave, and earnest whole—not to mention, a tectonic shift forward for a young band still discovering itself. Of course, that should come as no surprise. Hippo Campus—comprised of vocalist/guitarist JAKE LUPPEN, guitarist/vocalist NATHAN STOCKER, bassist ZACH SUTTON, and drummer WHISTLER ALLEN—have done their fair share of growing up since forming in late 2013. Their pair of 2015 EPs, Bashful Creatures and South, catapulted a freshly-formed band onto sold out tours, radio airwaves, late night TV stages, timelines, feeds, and glowing screens the world over. After a 10-month stretch of work informed by their surprising ascent, Hippo Campus’ first full-length showcases not only their trademark ear for ringing melodies and impeccably constructed pop frameworks, but a desire to dig deeper—both into their talent and in their selves—for inspiration. (STREET DATE - 2/24/2017)

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