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Burning EP
MP3 $2.99

03/11/2016 642610485398 


FLAC $3.99

03/11/2016 642610485398 


Versatile visual artist (of key work for Destruction Unit, Chelsea Wolfe + Deafheaven) and multi-instrumentalist Reuben Sawyer along with vocalist Morgan Enos follow two well received LPs and a slew of EPs with further-reaching explorations of Hollow Sunshine's drone/darkwave/pop amalgam. 
"Burning" is the new EP from the increasingly prolific California duo, and while the previous Hollow Sunshine work explored the landscapes of 1990s atmospheric pop and sludge, "Burning" pushes deeper into both the past and the future. The four new songs feel ancient and coated in precious metals, as Sawyer and Enos tap into the muses of Florian Fricke, Alice Coltrane and Bill Fay to form their most mature and realized release yet. 
Fans of conemporary, heavy/pop-influenced outfits Jesu and Hum will also rejoice in the beautiful contrast of Sawyer's downtuned guitar mass with Enos' subdued, haunting vocal melodies as the duo deftly wade through songs of helplessness, departure and relief.


  1. #1 Stung


  2. #2 Glory


  3. #3 Burning


  4. #4 Sieve


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