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Yankee Reality
CD $10.50

10/19/2009 837654529034 

E # 100 L 

***“This is a classic, timeless, ageless American album, full of hope and yearning, 
beauty and melancholy, and which pours out stories like flowers. Are these rainbow- 
at-end-of-the-world songs? Or heart’s break/heart’s ease-at-the-end-of-theroad 
songs? Anyway, I thought of horses and acid, death sleeping in a shack, 
the river bursting its banks and grinning like whisky, the birdlight and fading 
empires. Starry, dreamlike, plaintive, gorgeous and broken, Yankee Reality is a 
perfect and utterly individual work, endlessly inventive yet instantly recognizable 
as being in a noble and generous tradition.” 
“Yankee Reality sends shivers through my body when I listen to it. I don’t know 
where to start, because I don’t know where it ends. A circular masterpiece 
effortlessly stationed between the sea, the sun and the moon.” 
David Tibet/Anok Pe/Current 93, August 25, 2009

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