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Carpet Cocoon


Carpet Cocoon

Moon Glyph
LP $26.95


MG 100 

***ICEBLINK is a homespun, intimate project conjured by Oakland's LYNN AVERY. As a trans woman, everything she creates is about her experience and Lynn describes Carpet Cocoon as her comfort album, music to retreat to in the winter. Informed by her passion for mixtapes, oddities and crate digging blogs, the album is eclectic yet cohesively spun around the aesthetic of a bedroom new age album. Sonically, it has a fuzzy and rounded vibe incorporating nylon string guitars through vocoders, textural Prophet synthesizers, flutes and filtered saxophone. The effect of Carpet Cocoon is stunning and personal, melancholic yet idyllic, a spiritual ritual of baths for lying on your bedroom floor. "In Lynn Avery’s hands, the cosmos feels like it could fit in your pocket. The Oakland artist’s homespun style of ambient music delicately balances the tactile with the mystical, weaving freeform jazz and lo-fi collage together into playfully diffuse semblances of songs."—Pitchfork, 7.4