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Vitamin Buckfast
LP $12.00


ST 015LP 

***With the golden age of Japanese noise all but tarnished and rusted, here is one last chunk of atonal screech before the oxidation is totally complete. Consumers of all things brutally loud, relentlessly dissonant and, most importantly, originating from Japan, will not require an introduction to Incapacitants - the noise duo consisting of Toshiji Mikawa and Fumio Kosakai. Begun as Mikawa's solo project in 1981 when a homemade noisemaking device called The Mikawa was his prime instrument, evolving to incorporate various concrete sounds, until Kosakai joined and the duo favored the sound of ring modulators and heavily processed Theremins, Incapacitants has always been about "creating pure noise without any abstract musical expression whatsoever." Mikawa states that he hopes to cause his audience to lose the sensation of time. In addition to contributing articles about a number of international noisicians to various Japanese music journals over the years, Mikawa is also a member of Hijo Kaidan, while Kosakai performed with C.C.C.C. and has released a soundtrack of Stan Brakhage's film Of Dogstarman. Everything known about the reclusive Abdul Squeerter of (In Spite of Flaming Creatures) has passed through the conduit of Dylan Nyoukis (Decaer Pinga and the Chocolate Monk label). Apparently uninterested in networking, touring, trading CDRs, appearing on compilations, granting interviews, replying to letters, engaging in any sort of self-promotion, or taking part in the glamorous razzle-dazzle available to all experimental musicians worldwide, Squeerter prefers the solitude of where ever he calls home in the United Kingdom. Apart from a mail collaboration or two - most likely available on cassette for about 15 minutes via Chocolate Monk - his sole public appearance to date has been a few pages of what he calls "excrete fiction" in Bananafish magazine. 
The recordings on Vitamin Buckfast are the product of a mail collaboration committed to tape in the mid-'90s and then simply ignored for several years. Dora Doll of Decaer Pinga makes a guest appearance on vocals, but good luck determining exactly where. Cover art is by Karen Lollypop of Ecstatic Peace recording artists Smack Music 7 and Polly Shang Kuan Group. 
* Vinyl-only edition limited to 300 copies with color glue-on covers - pre-orders advised 
* All-electronic collaboration between well known Japanese noisicians and completely obscure British hermit 
* Surprisingly listenable freeform electronic noise textures 
* Hello, stasis field!