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A Love Letter to Water


A Love Letter to Water

Constellation Tatsu
MC $6.00


PURR 0131 MC 

***A Love Letter to Water is the instrumental debut EP by Colombian-born, Los Angeles based therapist and musician Alicia Ramírez, aka Inkarose. Four sonic poems are dedicated to the Spirit of Water—its circular, shape-shifting motion spans from River and Ocean to Clouds and Rain, and then returns to River. This record explores the curative properties of Water; a precious inhale and exhale, the mantra and pranayama of the Forest. Woven with love, these tracks feature special field recordings from various natural environments, including the Tayrona Jungle in Santa Marta, the rainforest in Kauai, and surrounding soundscapes of Los Angeles and Bogotá. This voyage of sound is graced by the loving touch and musical contributions of dear friends and loved ones, including Carlos Niño (percussion), Rumi Inoue (Alto and Soprano Flutes), Matt Little (Keys), Yeuda Ben-Atar (Flute Synth), and Ian Roller (Alto Sax). A Love Letter to Water is a love letter to the self.