La Vampires With Maria Minerva Integration LP


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Label # NNF 275 LPUPC 655035827513
Street DateOctober 30th, 2012
Label # NNF 275 CDUPC 655035827520
Street DateNovember 20th, 2012
Label # UPC 655035827520
Street DateOctober 30th, 2012

Collaborations reap the raddest rewards when the participants tease out the weirder and wilder geographies of their vibe-map Venn diagram, and for this reason (among others) The Integration LP is a deep achievement of mood-swing motion and freaky feminine mystique. 

The meshing of Maria Minerva’s alienated pop constructs with LA Vampires’ degraded Byronic house births a cool niche catalog of unclassifiable style prototypes, from new wave apocalypto to teutonic club dubs to Harajuku romance anthems, all unified by their tag-teamed sisters-with-voices symbiosis. The album’s nine songs (ten on the CD) were founded on skrewed LA Vampires beats and tape samples, shaped by Minerva’s psycho-echo vocal melodies, further articulated by multi-instrumentalist Nick Crozier-Malkin’s synth leads and additional drum programming, before being filtered back through Los Angeles’s recordist extraordinaire Brian Foote’s masterboard for micro-edits and fine-tuning. 

The finished collection is a crooked, captivating composite of bleached-out Day-glo party music, Percy Bysshe Shelley poetics, reverbed keyboard drama, extraterrestrial romance metaphors, seasonal meditation, and weird world studio wizardry—another too-true-for-comfort statement from two of today’s most unpredictable nonviolent femmes


  1. #1 Integration
  2. #2 End Of The World
  3. #3 I Fear Thy Kisses
  4. #4 Alien In My Heart
  5. #5 The Immoral Mr Tease
  6. #6 Seasons Change
  7. #7 Trying 2 Be Honest With Myself
  8. #8 Supercool
  9. #9 Desire Desire
  10. #10 A Lover & A Friend
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