Pratt, Jessica Jessica Pratt


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Label # BRTH 001UPC 655035021218
Street DateNovember 6th, 2012
Label # BR 001 CDUPC 655035022222
Street DateMay 14th, 2013
Label # UPC 655035021218
Street DateNovember 6th, 2012

“I never wanted to ever start a record label. Ever. But there is something about her voice I couldn't let go of. It's an actual voice. An actual beautiful voice. This ones a classic sounding voice. Not to mention her song writing, recording and guitar playing. JESSICA PRATT’s music feels like I have found a lost LP of an old forgotten mystical folk singer, that feeling of discovering a record all by myself: Without the help of friends or the Internet. Like Stevie Nicks singing over David Crosby demos, with the intimacy of a Sibylle Baier. I am in love with it. So much, that I saved up and threw all my money to get it into this world. I actually care about it, no matter which way the winds blow.”—Tim Presley, White Fence


  1. #1 Night Faces
  2. #2 Hollywood
  3. #3 Bushel Hyde
  4. #4 Mountain'r Lower
  5. #5 Half Twain the Jesse
  6. #6 Casper
  7. #7 Midnight Wheels
  8. #8 Mother Big River
  9. #9 Streets of Mine
  10. #10 Titles Under Pressure
  11. #11 Dreams
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