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Silver One / Radio Memphis

Julian Never

Silver One / Radio Memphis

Mt. St. Mtn.
7" $6.75


MTN 23 

***Recording project of long-time Sacramento CA underground players JULIAN ELORDUY and MARK KASIER, both formerly of noise-punk legends MAYYORS. A melting pot of influences ranging from 80s U.K./Aussie/Kiwi D.I.Y. & post-punk to '70s and '80s American power-pop collide to form a punchy, layered web of sound anchored by Elorduy's (also formerly of FINE STEPS) dreamy tenor and Kaiser's (also formerly of MALE GAZE, on Castleface Records) bass guitar. Two-color swirl vinyl with a double-sided pull-out poster cover. Cover art by MAX NORDILE of Uzi Rash & Preening.

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