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Volume 3
12" $15.00



***KALEIDOSCOPE are a rare group, having continually evolved and expanded in form since their inception. Volume 3 marks the first Kaleidoscope release of 2017, a masterfully crafted follow-up to several cassette releases on their own D4MT Labs imprint and a 7” EP on Katorga Works. Since then, the three members of Kaleidoscope have taken up residency in a shared Brooklyn apartment and basement studio. In doing so, their collective spirit of creativity and resourcefulness has risen to an all-time high. The six tracks on Volume 3 serve as a testament to the group's unique and unwavering commitment to an original sound—one that is undoubtedly crafted with a well-refined taste for international punk and hardcore, but also embraces experimentation. Engineered entirely in the group's home studio and layered with original samples, overdubs, and guest instrumentation from an ensemble of friends. The end result is simple—a highly impressive production that commands repeat listening. Volume 3 is presented with the recognizable aesthetic of previous Kaleidoscope releases, directed by guitarist/vocalist INFORMATION MAN [SHDK], though truly a cohesive group effort. Packaged with a Risographed lyric booklet that serves as a proper companion piece to each transmission.

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