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12" $17.75


E/N 012 

***Way down there at the bottom of the world, there is a young man named EN KERNAGHAN who is devoting his life to a higher power. Make that two higher powers; and from our perspective, there ain’t none higher than Rock n’ Roll. For this Ever/Neverreleased EP, En spins and interprets classics by The Cramps, Pussy Galore and more, into his own personal mantras. With the close-mic’d confidence of a young John Spencer and the zeal of a newly-tonsured Monk, En Kernaghan will make you a believer. Edition of 200 copies with two inserts. 
"En Ethan Kernaghan project experience banned band 1997 started in a bedroom in an Australian suburb, slowly turning from that of a recording project into a performance band until being banned, then on to recording self titled LP. Kel ANG."—En Kernaghan

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