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LP $12.00



***Oops Baby Records are proud to unleash KITCHEN PEOPLE, Australia’s most hyperactive synth quintet, to the rest of the world via the group’s sophomore long player, Trendoid. From the very first moments of hearing Kitchen People, one will note that the band is VERY Australian, or “Australian as fuck” as the kids say these days; singer/guitarist JAKE's accent is thicker than slopped Vegemite, and yet, these guys could just as easily hail from space somewhere, spawned in some evil Martian scientist’s robot factory. “Bad Mate” the album opener and first single off of Trendoid is a less than 90 second rambunctious blast-off complete with scaling and falling synth progressions, staccato verse chants a la “White Light/White Heat” and rocketing floor toms. The track is a laundry list of shitty things friends do to each other, but you can tell these guys are close buds, er, mates. It’s a tremendous way to launch an album. Tracks like “Physical Reaction,” “Psychedelic White People,” and “They Showed Me Things,” will have listeners rapidly nodding their heads like some glitching cyborg, bopping in agreement to the record’s overall humorously cynical lyrical content. All twelve tracks here are nothing less than punk rock ’n roll. Nay, it’s clear there’s something more here. Therefore it’s no surprise that the year’s first great punk record is brought to us by Oops Baby Records, who not only dare to appreciate great music far from center, but also have a proven track record of bringing the best in rock ’n roll to the masses.