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A Fistful Of Nihilism


A Fistful Of Nihilism

Crucial Blast
MP3 $4.99

05/31/2011 655035010519 


Going back to the mid-90’s, the obscure Austin, TX outfit Korperschwache (German for “organic decay”) has issued a steady stream of releases into the deep underground, landing somewhere between the early UK noise rock scene, the skull-rupturing power of Japan’s more extreme noise artists, the massive gravitational pull and formless guitar crush of bands like Earth and the Melvins at their most art-damaged, and, in more recent years, a filthy, blackened, low-fidelity underbelly that hints at the mutated black metal of bands like Abruptum, Necrofrost, and Vondur. The majority of these older releases have long been out of print, but now, in conjunction with the brand new Evil Walks album, Crucial Blast has assembled a series of reissues of early Korperschwache material, some of which has never been heard by anyone outside the band’s immediate circle. 
The 1996 Monotremata cassette A Fistful of Nihilism is the third release from Korperschwache’s early devastating guitar-noise / power electronics mode, remastered for maximum skull-blasting power. The band erects more crushing monoliths of amp abuse here, starting with the churning black furnace of “Waiting for the Number Five,” forged of swirling oceanic distortion, crackling bass frequencies, howling feedback and titanic drones—part Total, part The Rita. The bleak onslaught continue as Korperschwache wades through four more tracks of high-pitched feedback, monstrous waves of distortion and brain-drilling drones. Included with this reissue is the delicately titled bonus track “Fistfuking Hippies.”


  1. #1 Waiting For The Number Five


  2. #2 Love Song


  3. #3 My Microphone Is On Fire


  4. #4 Discussing Structure


  5. #5 God Of Feedback


  6. #6 Fistfucking Hippies (Bonus Track)