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Reality Has Got To Die

La Otracina

Reality Has Got To Die

Holy Mountain
CD $12.00

09/21/2010 655035630724 

HOLY 6307 CD 

2XLP $17.50

09/21/2010 655035630717 

HOLY 6307 

MP3 $9.90

06/22/2010 655035630727 


Since 2003, La Otracina has been hell-bent on creating highly visionary music that melds sonic ideas from the outer reaches of heavy and weird. The Brooklyn group has released three full-length albums and twelve mini-albums, along with a slew of splits and compilation trackss on labels including Holy Mountain and band founder Adam Kriney's own Colour Sounds Recordings. They have completed eight US tours and one Italian tour, in addition to countless shows in their hometown. Their tireless work ethic and far-reaching musical abilities have earned them a devoted cult following in the underground psychedelic / heavy music world, and their live shows leave fans screaming and fist-pumping in ecstatic awe.
La Otracina's new double-album is the first to feature drummer Kriney as lead vocalist, which catapults the trio into their most cohesive and focused release to date. Reality Has Got to Die showcases the band's mind-blowing ability to evoke the timeless space-rock magic of Hawkwind, the prog-improv wizardry of King Crimson, the fuck-yeah of early Metallica, and the synthesizer mind-warp of Tangerine Dream, all fused in a Krautrock state of mind. This musical journey through deep and heavy sound worlds envokes images of the emerald beyond and the darkest future alien universe, while also staying rooted in the tradition of rock 'n' roll's ever-winding history. But don't confuse this for faux-New-Age blabber--this is street-wise and from the gut, straight from the minds of three men living their art, sacrificing everything and manifesting a boundless sphere of music, ideas, and imagery.
Reality Has Got to Die is a visionary work of sound and concept, steeped in experimentation and creativity, blazing forth with the power of a million minds exploding!


  1. #1 Hail Fire


  2. #2 Raze The Sky


  3. #3 Crystal Wizards Of The Cosmic Weird


  4. #4 Can't Take No City Life


  5. #5 Reality Has Got To Die


  6. #6 We Ride On


  7. #7 Mass Meteoric Mind