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As Time And Tide Erodes Stone

Lake Of Blood

As Time And Tide Erodes Stone

LP $13.00

02/14/2012 722301510988 

FR 16 

***LAKE OF BLOOD hail from the battered streets of southern Los Angeles. Formed in 2007, and with a handful of solid, well-received releases under their belts, this strong-minded quintet have been spreading their blackened gospel far and wide and reaping that which they have sown. Their stellar debut, the Heed the Primal Calling EP, caught the ears of many, and led to a split with Panopticon’s A. Lundr in 2009. Word travelled, and an ensuing agreement was made with the UK’s Human Jigsaw Records to release the band’s next offering, a two-song behemouth entitled As Time and Tide Erodes Stone in early 2011. Heavily atmospheric, viciously intense, and dedicated to the bone, this feral entity's aggressive, dissonant take on black metal weaves together the genre's puritanical roots with elements of doom, thrash, folk and startling moments of clarity. The two tracks contained within As Time and Tide Erodes Stone are epic in far more than length; these songs are sagas, odes to a dying world and an uncertain future. After the album’s release, the band hit the road with blood brothers Vestiges, and press accolades filtered in. Soon enough, fellow California nightmares The Flenser recognized the burning potential within Lake of Blood’s sprawling compositions, and signed on to reissue the album on limited vinyl. Born of smog but with eyes turned towards the great unknown, Lake of Blood are poised to overtake the soulless hordes of imitators and make a fatally deep impression upon that which is American black metal.