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LP $12.00


ITR 118 

***It is with pride that In The Red announces the debut release from Los Angeles-based Lamps. This ten-song vinyl-only debut takes awkward discomfort and good times to new lows. L.A.'s answer to a stupid question, Lamps bring a new definition to the term "power trio," while rewriting the book on "Fuck Everything." There's something of genuine fright, intimidation, and confusion when three completely unassuming, painfully normal-looking young men get on stage and the first thing out of singer Montgomery Buckles trap is, "The next time I see you, I'm gonna push you down the stairs," sung the only way he can-- like the most abused, agitated, salivating pitbull behind chainlink that's ever made your stomach drop. He is angry for too many reasons to name, but you can find one of them in the form of bassist Tim, who does everything in his power to subvert all seriousness by way of extreme clown-like antics of a certain homosexual mental illness, while drummer Josh keeps the best primitive, metronome beat since Nick Knox. This all culminates in some of the best anti-wanking, anti-poetic, anti-anything that'll be taken away from us by the same people who beat us up in high school, irresponsibly mean and ugly music for those of us who are through with trying to be cool cuz tomorrow's gonna suck, regardless.

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