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Upon Desecrated Altars

Left Cross

Upon Desecrated Altars

Profound Lore
CD $12.00

11/10/2023 843563168790 

PFL 310 CD 

LP $22.00

11/10/2023 843563168097 

PFL 310 

MP3 $7.99

11/10/2023 843563168806 

PFL 310 CD 

FLAC $8.99

11/10/2023 843563168806 

PFL 310 CD 

Emerging in 2015 with a uniquely hostile brand of war charged death metal, Virginia’s Left Cross quickly established themselves as a merciless live act seemingly incapable of restraint. Forging and refining their sound over several releases, the band continued their relentless assault while losing none of their murderous intent. Now veterans of countless campaigns, they return to unleash their sophomore effort, Upon Desecrated Altars, under the banner of Profound Lore Records.

A cacophonous offering, Upon Desecrated Altars joins grotesque melodies with an inhuman vehemence that forgoes any ambiguity. Little to no respite can be found as each track builds upon the devastation of the last, ultimately rising to a crescendo of conquest. With a salvo of blistering solos, thunderous percussion and infernal commands, Left Cross declares victory and marches onward.


  1. #1 Debellation

  2. #2 The Blood of Mars

  3. #3 Deity of Molten Iron

  4. #4 Burning Raids

  5. #5 Upon Desecrated Altars

  6. #6 Unbinding the Covenant

  7. #7 Inexorable March

  8. #8 Unhallowed Oaths

  9. #9 Pyramid of Conquered Skulls

  10. #10 Celestial Wound

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