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Leaving (the 21st Century)


Leaving (the 21st Century)

S-s Records
7" $6.00


SS 059 

***“S.S. Records was tossing about for good San Francisco Bay Area bands to check out so we reached out to Budget Rock/Terminal Boredom/MRR music freak Mitch Cardwell. Mitch had one word: LENZ. He wrote that LENZ is a new band with ANDY JORDAN (THE CUTS, TIME FLYS, ANDY HUMAN) and RAY SERAPHIN (NOBUNNY, EPIC SESSIONS, THE IMPEDIMENT) and that they were the best unknown band going. He wrote that in LENZ you could hear ‘Roxy Music, UK post-punk/DIY, and glam-infused Kraut-Rock a la Neu's ‘Heros’.’ Finding a live shot on the internet and wrote Andy for some tracks. He sent ‘Leaving’ and ‘Feeling’ which in my mind translated to ‘A side” and B side.’ I booked them on SS10, the label’s tenth anniversary fest and offered to put out their debut single. They said yes and this is what you get—two great songs which harken back to the glory days of UK glam and the spacey days of Seventies Sci Fi punk without falling victim to copycat-ism or nostalgia. Here’s two great rock & roll songs from the here & now. 330 pressed.”—S.S.

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