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MC $6.75


NNF 324 MC 

MP3 $3.99

06/17/2016 642610485732 


FLAC $4.99

06/17/2016 642610485732 


Exclusive companion EP to the Transient LP, unspooling parallel wavelengths of high altitude reflection via woozy flute samples, open-tuned guitar, mirage keys, and magnetic tape decay. Although composed and tracked before the pieces which would become his vinyl debut, Sentient shares a similarly wide-skied spirit and hushed sense of motion. The sides are distinguished by mood: the A (“From There To Here”) skews hopeful and golden, a dawning tapestry of reverberant textures, while the B (“From Then To Now”) brings the dusk, wind and strings looped into a twilit reverie for something left behind. A stirring snapshot of an artist’s process in the midst of quiet refinement. Artwork and design by Dieter Durinck.


  1. #1 From There To Here


  2. #2 From Then To Now


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