Trakwerx Collective Lightwerx - George Melies


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Label # TW 1014UPC 804879152798
Street DateFebruary 23rd, 2010

Lightwerx: Georges Méliès is Trakwerx’s homage to the groundbreaking French film director, Georges Méliès (1861-1938). Containing fifteen magical short films with original scores from Trakwerx artists such as JO GABRIEL, TOMMY SANTEE KLAWS, JACKSON DEL RAY, GODS OF ELECTRICITY, 17 PYGMIES, CULT WITH NO NAME, MEG MARYATT, LEA REIS, SPARKLE GIRL, STEPHAN GRAHAM, KULFI, and SMOLDERING ASHES, you will hear wildly varying musical interpretations from noise, alternative, experimental and progressive to hip hop and Americana.