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The Two Of Us

Lili Z

The Two Of Us

In The Red
LP $12.00

09/16/2008 759718515619 

ITR 156 

After previous achievements with Volt, The Splash Four, The No-Talents, and her past collection of home tapes, Lili Z. comes back with fifteen new 8-track cassette living room recordings.  
Twisted into shapes that vaguely resemble seam-bursting garage punk, the songs' (thirteen originals and reworkings with Lili Z. lyrics of a Bela Bartok piece and an old Rondos chestnut) charm lies in their unpredictability. Sometimes it's a little late-'70s punk rock, sometimes it's catchy, metronome-like electropunk, sometimes it's pure guitar noise freakouts, and sometimes it's experimental tooling around. B.ut most of all, it's pure Lili Z., recorded at home at her most intimate.  
A sort of musical diary, The Two of Us comes with a stunning, full-color gatefold sleeve of Lili's collages and meticulous illustrations for each song. This vinyl edition is limited to 1000. 
"Dark-sounding but maintaining a ... playful energy, blazingly fast at times yet with plenty of ... slow-simmer brooding and crawling. Lili's made a better sounding record in her home than most full bands could hope to achieve in a studio." 
--Terminal Boredom  
"Lili knocks out fifteen new tracks of sophisticated raw minimalism, carefully balancing menacing rip-saw guitar and pulverizing drum machine crashes with intricate songs that have clearly forged a permanent spot for the most revered female force in punk." 
--Victim of Time

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