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LP $19.50


MR 038 

***Since the '90s, KYLE FIELD has been crafting non-traditional fusions of warm alt-country and dreamy folk music under the moniker LITTLE WINGS. Inspired by surreal aspects of his life on the American west coast, his songwriting weaves amusing wordplay through tales of unknown legends, deep inner reflections, and fantastic descriptions of seaside cities and landscapes. Through the years, Kyle’s music and art have proven his prestige as a singular patron of coastal Americana. In 2002, Little Wings released an album called Wonderue, the first of several early collaborations with acclaimed independent label K Records. Wonderue reinforced Kyle’s knack for loosely structured, yet deeply resonant compositions. Each recording on the album had a way of welcoming listeners in to reflect and sing along as if in the company of his band. There was a magic Kyle conjured throughout the course of Wonderue—a wide-eyed optimism and ease that he imparts to his listeners to this day. In its totality, Wonderue was an album that effortlessly billowed and spilled over with sounds and imagery that evoked festivity, meditation, and a theme of Wonder. Moone Records has teamed up with Little Wings to bring this beautiful album back into print. Remastered by RICHARD HOUGHTEN, and featuring reshoots of Wonderue’s 2002 photo locations, this edition is sure to appeal to your insatiable analog desires. A classic collection of Little Wings splendor, this album’s magic and charm endures 17 years on.