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At Home With The Lloyd Pack
LP $20.15


LELE 02 

***DAN MELCHIOR, PHEROMOANS vocalist RUSSELL WALKER, LETHA RODMAN MELCHIOR (ex-RUBY FALLS, on keys, guitar, clarinet, viola), ANTHONY ALLMAN (EL JESUS DE MAGICO, on tapes), and CIRCUIT DES YEAUX’s HALEY FOHR (on ethereal vocalizations) seep into tapestries woven from Third And Final Report, chamber ensemble tuning strategies, reenactments of the minutes from staff meetings of The East Village Other, and Davey Williams dreaming of robots counting electric sheep. The debut full-length by LLOYD PACK, which follows up a most evolved seven-inch on Siltbreeze, is a total musical collage, built entirely from prerecorded contributions from the principals, who had no idea how their recordings would end up. The results by the unorthodox, Robitussin-y garage band, guided by heir traffic controller Melchior—inspired by Graham Lambkin, Luc Ferrari, Luc Marrianni, Prominent Disturbance, Yuzo Iwata, The Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble, Frank Bedal, Gus Coma, and many others—enable pulsating yet unresolved tangents to return from a walkabout bearing promises of increased salience of articulation. Includes a booklet of short stories by Melchior. Edition of 175.

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