Bell Witch Longing


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Label # PFL 108UPC 616892082040
Street DateNovember 13th, 2012
Label # UPC 616892082040
Street DateNovember 13th, 2012

Seattle’s Bell Witch is a doom metal duo comprised of bassist / vocalist Dylan Desmond (also a member of Samothrace) and drummer / vocalist Adrian Guerra. With only the bare minimum at their disposal, the pair crafts some of the darkest, heaviest and most dismal time-stretching doom in recent memory, and their sole release up to this point, a 2011 self-titled demo, has already garnered significant recognition from the underground scene. With a more sinister and enveloping sound, Bell Witch’s debut full-length Longing is a marathon-like exercise in extreme doom. Testing the thresholds of listeners who become engrossed in its overwhelming sonic experience, it’s a powerful statement from one of the most promising acts the American scene has to offer. Longing features guest vocals from Aerial Ruin’s Erik Moggridge on the track “Rows (of Endless Waves).” Catch the band on tour in support of the album’s release.


  1. #1 Bails (Of Flesh)
  2. #2 Rows (Of Endless Waves)
  3. #3 Longing (The River Of Ash)
  4. #4 Beneath The Mask
  5. #5 I Wait
  6. #6 Outro
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