Intelligence Males


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Label # ITR 192 CDUPC 759718519228
Street DateAugust 24th, 2010
Label # ITR 192UPC 759718519211
Street DateAugust 24th, 2010
Label # UPC 759718519228
Street DateAugust 24th, 2010

Males is the sixth full-length release from Seattle, Washington's The Intelligence. This time, main-brain Lars Finberg ditched his usual method of recording all the instruments himself and had his current touring band play on it--Susannah Welbourne, Beren Ekine Huett (Eat Skull) and Chris Woodhouse (Mayyors, FM Knives, Karate Party), who also served as the record's producer. Hopefully this will still be the current line up by the time you read this. The results are as powerful as a punch in the face by Mike Tyson but with the velvet touch of a dandy fop. Marrying buzzsaw punk, DIY post-punk, ramshackle garage (as in played by The Fall--not the Chesterfield Kings), and pop hooks aplenty, Males is The Intelligence's finest statement to date.  "[The Intelligence casts] a pronounced British Invasion pop influence in warped, peak-level lo-fi sonics, emphasizing a connection between post-punk and psychedelia that stretches from Clinic and Guided by Voices through the deconstructionist pop of Swell Maps and Wire and back to the whimsical wordsmithery of Syd Barrett and Skip Spence." --Pitchfork


  1. #1 Bong Life
  2. #2 Tuned To Puke
  3. #3 Sailor Itch
  4. #4 The Universe
  5. #5 Like Like Like Like Like Like Like
  6. #6 Estate Sales
  7. #7 Mom Or A Parking Lot
  8. #8 White Corvette
  9. #9 The Beetles
  10. #10 Chateau Bandit
  11. #11 Males
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