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Valley Girl
7" $8.50

03/18/2016 655035013671 

FC 036 

MP3 $9.90

03/18/2016 655035013671 


FLAC $9.90

03/18/2016 655035013671 


***Through the toxic foliage of the American slicked back hairdo there emerges the essence of the underground weirdo. Dance! Kiss! Lick! Love! SPIT! TOUCH ME BABY! IM REAL! Suggestions on the highway spiders up the pillar. Kill the fake, MOVE what's inside you. MOVE what you got! MOVE YOUR "MEATBODY!" KEVIN BOOG, CHAD UBOVICH, PATRICK NOLAN, sometimes BOOG CHAD PAT, usually THE MEATBODIES, also known as MEATBODIES. What was ONCE a solo affair for Mr. Chad has now turned into 3! conjoining hands, conjoining rhythms. GETTING UP FOR THE TONGUES. Clapping in the distance. Make yourself a MEATBODY. Hear the noise you weren't meant to hear 'til the end of the song. (STREET DATE - 3/18/2016)


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