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Shaving The Angel

Midnite Snake

Shaving The Angel

CD $13.00

05/29/2007 607287009629 

BMR 096CD 

Goddamn the Midnite Snake! Like a bat out of hell, these heavy psych-metal stalwarts are back with a sophomore release that might just erupt Mount Olympus. This fresh slab of digital drudgery presents songs that are longer and deeper than anything the Snake has done before. It possesses the richness of a dark and deathly metal, but now adds layers of wandering prowess, like a lost soul in Young Goodman Brown’s devil-riding forest, looking for his Faith upon which to rest his head. But none is to be found. Midnite Snake’s instrumental intensity would make a late-era Coltrane and current-era Acid Mother’s Temple want to get back on the road again, just so they could check out the band night after night and steal all their secrets.  
Shaving the Angel is bigger and more powerful than their debut—complex, sexually bombastic metallic rock and roll—with a hint of forest acoustic darkness breaking through the wall of whiteness. Evil like the naked, mask-covered ritual sacrifice on the cover. Modey Lemon drum king Paul Quattrone unleashes a beat that frees guitar god Alexei Plotnicov from the brimstone of Pittsburgh, riffing hard in heaven with Hendrix. This record plays loud at a soft volume, and is sure to cement their place in the hearts and souls of all the stoned rockers foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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