Green, Colleen Milo Goes To Compton


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Label # AF 018UPC 655035018812
Street DateFebruary 21st, 2012
Label # BRGR 644UPC 634457652149
Street DateNovember 18th, 2014
Label # UPC 655035018812
Street DateFebruary 21st, 2012

Colleen Green has accepted reality, and to deal with it, she candidly describes the components of hers—heartache, separation and true love—on her first album, Milo Goes to Compton. Inspired by the honesty of freaks like Mike Hunchback, the shit-fi of DIY bands like The Thermals and Nobunny, and all the poppiest melodies of her favorite singles, stoned songwriter Colleen Green delivers the original pop soundtrack to the days you spend in a daze. This half-hour, eight-song album runs the gamut in musical styles, from Ramones-ripoff pop punk to dreamy, stoned drone to getting-ready-for-da-club shit. It’s dumb, dirty fun for the most part, but it’s also sweet and sincere. Listen once and you will understand that it’s as real as the girl herself.


  1. #1 Good Good Things
  2. #2 I Wanna Be Degraded
  3. #3 Goldmine
  4. #4 I Will Follow Him
  5. #5 Always On My Mind
  6. #6 Nice Boy (I Want A)
  7. #7 Worship You
  8. #8 The Day I Fell In Love With You
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