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Dissed And Dismissed

Molina, Tony

Dissed And Dismissed

LP $13.75


MELT 002 

***“TONY MOLINA is never one to overstay his welcome. With songs rarely hitting the two-minute mark, they hit you quick, say what they have to say, and leave you breathless and wanting more. We have truly never heard a songwriter pack an entire pop song, complete with numerous hooks, disgustingly virtuosic guitar solos, and unbearably relatable lyrics within the confines of 42 seconds. As such, we are immensely proud to present Tony Molina’s Dissed And Dismissed LP. The co-founders of Melters bonded way back in high school over his songwriting in Bay Area cultfavorites OVENS, which has earned comparisons to the likes of Thin Lizzy, Weezer, and Teenage Fanclub. The same traces run through these grooves, perhaps forming something greater than the sum of his influences. In going solo (following the departure of his Ovens bandmates for grad school and Las Vegas), Tony has continued to refine a kind of songwriting that is all his own. Unlike the warm nostalgic sounds generally associated with San Francisco these days, Tony has wrought something a little colder out from the foggy side of the peninsula. On Dismissed, his first solo LP, Tony put in time at a professional studio in Palo Alto and played all instruments to bring his vision to high definition reality. With the studio at his disposal, Tony ordered theguitars shoved to the front of the mix and crunched to Obituary levels of destruction. Coupled with Tony’s harmonized, heartbreaking vocals, the effect is downright intimate as evinced by ‘Don’t Come Back,’ a resolute anthem highlighting Tony’s unique style. A cover of Guided By Voices’ ‘Wondering Boy Poet’ testifies to their influence on his songwriting. With 13 gems like these on two short sides, we may be so bold as to call this record a breakup album for the ages. There is nobody, past or present, writing songs quite like these. We have been following Tony’s music since forever, and we are thrilled as hell to be able to work with one of our heroes.”—Melted