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New Music
12" $12.00



Like the best bit of bacon wrapped around the best cut of beef pinned with a handcut toothpick, these four sets of collage arrive pressed to vinyl--eliminating the potential confusion about how many multiple media players have been running. Grunts and gurggles hump circuit-bent glitches in the way an inhuman claw might select a fannypack from the racks of Forever XXI. The fact is: only one hand is needed to clap on a drum machine.  
DJ Ilya Monosov & the 21st Century Punks are too rhythmic to call noise, too chaotic to call music. This four-track 12-inch is nothing like Nurse With Wound while sounding like an American counterpart. Akin to Plunderphonics without obvious gags. Best guess, this is what spying Martians hear coming from Earth.