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LP $17.75


E/N 019 

***Having previously released a few 7”s, the five-piece MOSQUITO EGO is set to unleash their first full-length upon an unsuspecting planet. Glomb is a 12-track declaration of intent. A quintet consisting of NATALAY, TIM, TOBI, MORITZ (CLUSTER BOMB UNIT, METABOLSIMUS) and REINHOLD, Mosquito Ego play like a highlight reel of post-punk and noise rock’s finest moments, movements and gestures. Underneath a foundation of churning guitar / bass / drums, electronics sizzle and squiggle, while the entire band gets loose and weird. Along with each member’s voice, samples and loops get thrown into the maelstrom; chopped, screwed, pitch-shifted and hard-panned. “Poke” establishes these parameters from the outset. All funhouse mirrors and grinding gears, “Local Zero” sounds like an unearthed Brainiac deep cut. Other parts of Glomb recall the outre’ avant-rock of Terminal Cheesecake and Slug. This gonzo aesthetic is reflected by MARK BOHLE's eye-popping, synapse-frying cover art.

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