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Time Before Land


Time Before Land

Moone Records
MC $12.00


MR 054 

***New York-based band Mushfoot release their debut album, Time Before Land, on Moone Records. This 8-song collection began as a remote collaboration in the early days of quarantine between Greg Albert (TheRainbows, Spite FuXXX, Holy Wisdom, LLC.), Ian Davis (Relatives, Ian Davis: Rock Band) and Katie Vogel (Relatives). Albert and Vogel were staying together in Brooklyn and Davis was across the city in Northern Manhattan, and the three would share songs they were working on for the others to add onto and return. Through this process the songs slowly became layered and took on new forms. Mushfoot embraces messiness, vulnerability, and sounds created from simple means stretched and manipulated beyond recognition. Named after Ian's pet Mystery Snail, Mushfoot has yet to play a show but were they to... it would be very loud. Greg Albert mixed the songs and sent them to John Dieterich (of Deerhoof) who mastered them and connected us with Micah and Caleb of Moone Records. Time Before Land is a collection of homemade demos that gradually blossomed into a record. Soft vocals rest on top of beds of controlled chaos and dense textures; drum machines coexist with scrappy drumming; Greg Albert’s production approach incorporates MIDI and EQ’ing common sounds into abstraction. The record is messy and vulnerable with songs about love (“in the interval in between moments I’ve loved… is where we first met”), persistence in the face of a demoralizing world (“is there an order? how it’s supposed to be? Stay on it.”) and independent know-how (“nobody can show you if you can’t figure it out”).