Samantha Glass Mysteries From The Palomino Skyliner


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Label # NNF 266UPC
Street DateSeptember 25th, 2012
Label # UPC
Street DateSeptember 18th, 2012

The precise nature of the sunship / cloudcruiser SS Palomino Skyliner remains unclear, but the crux of its charter appears to facilitate celestial escape in one form or another. Its builder, Beau Devereaux, is perfectly suited to the task, self-describing his druidic harvest trances as “music for movement / leaving Earth.” After years wayfaring through a series of brain-burned flux-psych ensembles, Devereaux put down roots in a solo universe, birthing the Samantha Glass project back in 2010—and with much anticipation and celebration Not Not Fun presents his nine-song, 41-minute voyage / vinyl debut Mysteries from the Palomino Skyliner.  Drawing from a ritual palette of mantric bass riffs, bleached goth keyboard patterns and metronomic church-organ drum-box rhythms, each hypnosis exercise unfolds according to its own unwavering nocturnal wavelength, as if played by a spirit-haunted sleepwalker drugged by dreams. Among the brave mysteries of Mysteries: a subtly reworked version of “Seasonal Seduction,” the Northern Lights free-fall opus from his 2011 cassette, Celestial Night Sky; the stargazing uplift joyride of “Lost Along the Way”; the floating, out-of-body triptych “Return to the Sky,” a Samantha Glass thesis statement of sorts. Great things come to those who wait.


  1. #1 Opening Harvest
  2. #2 When The Sun Slips In
  3. #3 Visiting Night Eyes
  4. #4 Seasonal Seduction
  5. #5 Lost Along The Way
  6. #6 Return To The Sky (Part I)
  7. #7 Return To The Sky (Part II)
  8. #8 Return To The Sky (Part III)
  9. #9 Blankets
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