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Circles In The Sand

Mystery Girls

Circles In The Sand

In The Red
7" $4.00


ITR 91 

***Knock-out new 7" from these Green Bay whippersnappers who splatter like the early Yardbirds if they'd hallucinated the future through the eyes of the Stooges & Pagans while guzzling, smoking and snorting everything in sight at the Marquee club just before 6am closing. And they're barely of drinking age. Not yer typical teenage fun & games either, these guys have depth and soul & song-writing prowess that few bands reach at any age. Their debut album (self-titled on Trickknee Records) from last year is one of the strongest debuts in eons. Their sophomore album will be out in early 2004 on In The Red. This band is one in a million folks.