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LP $16.00

09/08/2009 721616802818 

SPIN 028 

CD $9.50

07/14/2009 721616802825 

SPIN 028 CD 

MP3 $7.99



The idea for a collaboration between Canada's prolific neo-doom duo Nadja and New Zealand's pitch black droners Black Boned Angel was first hatched in conversations between 20 Buck Spin and Nadja's Aidan Baker around the time Nadja released their Truth Becomes Death EP on Alien8 Recordings in 2006. 20 Buck Spin ran the idea by Campbell Kneale of Black Boned Angel, who at that point was unfamiliar with Nadja. After Kneale heard their material, the complimentary potential was realized, and the groups began their cross-continental collaboration by digitally sending music back and forth. 
Both groups, along with Campbell's altar-ego Birchville Cat Motel, were extremely busy releasing their own material, but by the end of 2007, the collaborative effort had realized three fully formed tracks. One called "Christ Send Light" that included vocals was released in 2008 as a CD EP on Kneale's own Battlecruiser imprint; the other two make up this full-length release. With the CD being a collaborative effort, 20 Buck Spin convinced two close comrades, David D'Andrea and Stephen Kasner, to collaborate on artwork. Again, artistic collaborations take a great deal of time, and finally in 2009 both art and music have finally come together for this much-anticipated release. 
These two 20-plus-minute instrumental tracks have a less accessible vibe then the Jesu-like track on last year's Christ Send Light EP. They are comprised in equal parts of Nadja's fuzzed-out, lurching, hazy dream-doom, and Black Boned Angel's razor-sharp, metallic riff-shards. An extended passage of static noise bleeds one track into the next, while deep-space eerieness looms ever present in the shadows. Eventually, the whole thing collapses under the weight of its self-created black hole--the death throes of the whole damn genre. This is the end.


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